Day 2 of Radiation

Day 2 Have you ever wonder what happens during a radiation therapy session? This is a video of my second treatment session. 2 down – 13 to go!  

Day 1 of Radiation

Day 1 This morning started off busy, because my sisters and niece showed up at my house with their organizing gear. LOL. My entire kitchen has been reorganized and labeled. Thank you Twanda, Sylvia, Mary and Lisa for all your help today. My first appointment for the radiation therapy treatment was scheduled for 3:15pm. We… Continue reading Day 1 of Radiation


Today was SIMULATION day. I had an appointment with the technicians at the Alliance Cancer Care (formerly The Center for Cancer Care) at Clearview.   They will be assigned/working with me during the radiation treatment.

IMRT – Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy

Intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) is an advanced type of radiation therapy used to treat cancer and noncancerous tumors. IMRT uses advanced technology to manipulate photon and proton beams of radiation to conform to the shape of a tumor. IMRT uses multiple small photon or proton beams of varying intensities to precisely irradiate a tumor. The… Continue reading IMRT – Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy

I know I have a hard head – Lets just hope it doesn’t contain any metal.

I know I have a hard head – Lets just hope it doesn’t contain any metal.    Today I had to have two different MRI’s done. MRI of the brain and MRI of orbital area. If you have never had a MRI, the machine itself can be a little intimidating. I see why certain people… Continue reading I know I have a hard head – Lets just hope it doesn’t contain any metal.

New Look and New Outlook

I didn’t sleep well last night. Still trying to get my mind wrapped around all of this.  I need a change.  Heading to my see my hairdresser to change things up.   When I get my hair and makeup done, I always feel better.   Thanks Demi


Follow-Up Heading back to Birmingham this morning for a 9am follow-up appointment with Dr. Vic at Alabama Ophthalmology Associates to get the preliminary results from the biopsy that was done on May 5. Dr. Vic explains what the preliminary results mean.