An EYE Opening Experience

An EYE Opening Experience 

Today I had a biopsy performed on my left eye.  This is the only way we will know for sure what this is on my eye and what we need to do next.

We arrived at UAB Callahan Eye Hospital early this morning.  The procedure was scheduled for 12noon, but they had a cancellation earlier, so they were able to take me back when we arrived.

The worst part of the procedure was them putting me to sleep.  I do not do well with anesthesia, and it take forever for me to wake up and I feel the effects of the medication for several days.


  1. I remember you as we were receiving radiation treatments at the same time at CCI. I remember that your family was always there supporting you. Then, I found out that my friend Sylvia was your sister. Sylvia and your other family members began to support me as well. They were right there to congratulate me the day that l finished my treatments. I am so very glad that things are well with you. You look beautiful!

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