Bridge over Troubled Water

August 31, 2017

Bridge over Troubled Water

I’m sure you are wondering why I posted a picture of us walking across a bridge. Anybody that knows me, knows that this is a big deal to me. When we travel for business we try to visit some of the local attractions. This time we were in Harrisburg, PA , so of course we had to visit Hersey (twice) and we also decided to go to one of the local minor league baseball games. I was excited about going to the game until I found out we would have to walk across the bridge. ( Details about the bridge – The Walnut Street Bridge also known as the People’s Bridge is a truss bridge that spans the length of 2,801 feet – 854m – one of the longest pedestrian bridges in the world ** yes I looked it up to see how long it was)

I don’t like heights, let me rephrase that I don’t like heights that I can see through or can see the bottom. It is a depth perception issue that I have had for years. I am one that won’t even walk across the grates on the sidewalk. So for me to walk across this bridge where I can see over the rails on one side and through the grates on the other side is a Big Deal. Lol.

I have to says thanks to some great friends that walked alongside me to help block my view, even if they did say they got a great workout because I was walking so fast.

The whole time I was walking I was thinking and humming that old Simon and Garfunkel song – Bridge over Trouble Water. I have no idea why that song was in my head, but I think it was fitting.

Sometimes you will have to walk over some troubled water, but as long as you stay focused (and walk really fast – LOL) you will make it to the other side.




  1. I love it, too, Kim! I have the exact same issues with bridges and heights — even while driving across! Cannot get to the other side fast enough. Your analogy to “stay focused” is spot on about all things!! Enjoy and stay safe!

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