Still Healing

June 27, 2017 Still Healing I’m sure most of you have experienced some type of burn. Whether it was a sun burn, a burn from an iron or the stove. It hurts!!! The skin is very red and irritated. It becomes dry and starts to peel off. Well I can honestly say that radiation can… Continue reading Still Healing

Day 15 of Radiation

Ring my Bell 🔔 🔔 Today was the last day for my radiation treatment. YEAH!!! Thank you to everyone that sent their prayers, love and motivation during this journey…. It has been an interesting time in our lives and we have learned so much about this disease that affects so many lives. Thank you to… Continue reading Day 15 of Radiation

Day 14 of Radiation

Up Close and Personal  The people at Alliance Cancer Center at CCI are the best.  They are a wonderful group of people who can make you smile even when you are dealing with some not so great stuff.   They even helped me setup the camera to record the up close and personal video of… Continue reading Day 14 of Radiation

Day 10 of Radiation

Still Seeing Clearly One of the reason I am documenting this process is to lets other know what is going on during my journey, but to also share information that might be helpful to someone else. I received this message today: First, let me just say that I am here if you need anything. Anything.… Continue reading Day 10 of Radiation

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Day 8 of Radiation

Day 8 – Fit To Fight    During this journey, I am finding out about a lot of program/services offered to benefit cancer patients.  Thank you Terri for letting me know about the Fit To Fight program.   Fit To Fight is a partnership with Heart of the Valley YMCA, Clearview Cancer Institute and the… Continue reading Day 8 of Radiation

Day 6 of Radiation

Day 6 – Bell Ringing I believe that people cross your path for a reason. While you are waiting for your treatment you see a lot of people coming in and out of the center. It is usually the same people because your treatment time is the same each day. So you become comfortable talking with… Continue reading Day 6 of Radiation

Day 5 of Radiation

Day 5 – Moody and Extra Agreeable I have to admit that when I started this blog, I had some reservations about sharing my information or how much information to share. I have heard from a lot of people thanking me for starting the blog and for sharing information. I just hope that through my journey,… Continue reading Day 5 of Radiation

Day 4 of Radiation

Day 4 – Our God is a wonderful God.  He will always show you a silver lining in every cloud. My day started early, when the alarm went off at 4am so we could get to the Hampton Cove golf course by 6am to set up for the John Stallworth Foundation Golf tournament.  We had… Continue reading Day 4 of Radiation