Day 1 of Radiation

Day 1

This morning started off busy, because my sisters and niece showed up at my house with their organizing gear. LOL. My entire kitchen has been reorganized and labeled. Thank you Twanda, Sylvia, Mary and Lisa for all your help today.

My first appointment for the radiation therapy treatment was scheduled for 3:15pm. We all arrived at Alliance Cancer Center at Clearview around 3pm. We said a quick prayer to asked God for His guidance through this process. And right at 3:15pm they called me back.

I met several other members of the therapy team:

Radiation physicist
The person who makes sure that the equipment is working properly and that the machine delivers the right amount of radiation. The physicist will work closely with the radiation oncologist to plan your treatment.

Radiation Therapy Technologist (RTT)
The person who delivers the prescribed dose of radiation under the direction of the radiation oncologist.

The treatment itself was only 10 minutes, but since it was the first session the setup took awhile.

10 minutes can seem really long when you can’t move and have a mask across your face.

The first question that everyone asked after the treatment – “Did it Hurt???”

During the treatment, I didn’t feel any direct pain. They told me that I won’t feel anything for the first couple of treatments. But as the radiation builds up in my system, I could start to feel some side effects.

The next question – “How do you feel???”

My response – I really don’t know how to describe how I feel. I don’t feel bad, but I don’t feel 100% either.
1 treatment down – 14 more to go.


    1. God doesn’t put on us more than he knows we can bare , you got this Because Gods got you Kim. I’m praying for you and your family.

  1. Love You Kim, I will be checking on you to make sure you don’t need anything, just hollow and I’ll answer I promise, Sending up.Prayers Sweet Lady

  2. Kim,
    I pray that God dispatch his angels to stand with you and for you when you are weak. God rewards those that diligently seek him. Storms may come but know that your God will never leave you or forsake you.

  3. Praying my dear! Keep fighting the good fight of faith! You know our God is able. I really do appreciate you sharing your journey with us. Continue to remember that where 2 or 3 are gathered…He is here!

  4. Kim just a hollow away, You are such a Beautiful Lady, with such a Sweet Spirit, You Have A Husband, Daughters and so many other Family Members, Friends and Strangers that have been through this that are Praying For You. God Is Able and He is Going To Bring You Through, Love You, Larry and The Girls, Stay Strong and Stay in Prayer without ceasing.
    I’m Just a Few Steps Away. Always here if you need me!
    Love Hattie

  5. Kim-
    My thoughts and prayers are with you
    We can trust God when we can’t trace Him
    Be Blessed and know that loving prayers and support are yours on a daily basis

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