Day 10 of Radiation

Still Seeing Clearly

One of the reason I am documenting this process is to lets other know what is going on during my journey, but to also share information that might be helpful to someone else.

I received this message today:

First, let me just say that I am here if you need anything. Anything. Moreover, please know that I trust that God has a plan, and I firmly believe that it’s no ‘coincidence’ that you got involved as an honoree with the American Cancer Society around the time that your cancer journey began. The American Cancer Society provides free services ranging from rides to/from cancer treatment overnight lodging should you ever have to travel to Birmingham/Nashville for treatment, and other various resources. My peers are available at the NCIC 24/7/365 by dialing 800.227.2345. I even use that resource myself from time-to-time with everything from “Where should I donate my hair when I cut it?” to “A friend of mine is going through treatment for colon cancer, can you tell me which drugs came as a result of ACS-funded research?” Whether you have insurance questions, diagnosis questions, or just need to be connected with folks who are going through the same thing you’re going through, please consider giving them a call.

At the time I was asked to be involved with the American Cancer Society, I would not have thought it would have been under these circumstances, but we don’t always understand why He puts us in certain position. I have learned to just follow God’s plan and I know that God is always in control.


At 1:15pm today, we had an appointment with my Ophthalmologist to look at the spots on my eye. He confirmed that it is just the scar tissue from the biopsy and nothing to be concerned about. He says the red spots are just part of the normal healing process. He also did the normal sight test and so far my vision has not been effected from the treatment. I will continue using the steroid eye drops and taking the ibuprofen because I am still having pressure headaches.

At 3pm, we arrive at CCI for my 3:15pm treatment session. The session went as normal, we have a good routine now. Also met with the radiation oncologist for my weekly follow-up appointment. He confirmed that everything is progressing as it should.

10 down – 5 more to go


  1. Kim, I am so delighted and inspired that all is going well! Thanks for allowing us to hold your hand through following your blog postings! Blessings! Monique Johnson

  2. Thank God for His healing process and for your vision being unchanged. I know God is going to bring you through this with victory and allow you to use this experience to minister to someone else. Continued prayers, much love and many blessings! Only 5 more!!

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