Day 2 of Radiation

Day 2

Have you ever wonder what happens during a radiation therapy session?

This is a video of my second treatment session.

2 down – 13 to go!



  1. Kim,
    I’m so grateful you are sharing this processs. Once again another selfless act. We are praying for quick healing so you can get back to doing more great things in our community.
    God Bless

  2. I’m being looking forward to seeing your post and to witness you taking one more step towards healing and wholeness. My prayers are with you!

  3. Good morning beautiful lady!! Does the machine have a name or do you have your own special name for it?? You know how people name their cars? You could name your machine!! Just saying :). Trying to keep it light.
    It’s beautiful outside today. Have a great day! I’ll check back later to see how your day went.

  4. Kim Thank You so much for sharing this treatment. I was curious of the process because when my Mom went through radiation she didn’t share the process. But you know she came out of it successfully and remained cancer free. My prayer for you is the same success with complete healing and restoration.

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