Day 4 – Our God is a wonderful God.  He will always show you a silver lining in every cloud.

My day started early, when the alarm went off at 4am so we could get to the Hampton Cove golf course by 6am to set up for the John Stallworth Foundation Golf tournament.  We had a great turn out for the tournament today and also for the pairing party last night.

Around 12:30pm, I went to Clearview for their annual Survivor’s Day Picnic.  If you want to see  God’s healing power, come to the Survivor’s day event.  There are so many people who have been effect by cancer.  It truly is a Celebration of Life.  It gave me a new sense of empowerment over this situation.

Arrived for the 3:15pm appointment a little early, so Twanda and I had a few minutes to talk with several people in the waiting area.  You can learn a lot from people in just a few minutes of conversation.   Those conversation made me realize that some of the thoughts and feeling that I have are not usual.   

4 down  – 11 to go!!!   No treatment over the weekend.  YEAH!!!