Day 5 of Radiation

Day 5 – Moody and Extra Agreeable

I have to admit that when I started this blog, I had some reservations about sharing my information or how much information to share.

I have heard from a lot of people thanking me for starting the blog and for sharing information.

I just hope that through my journey, it will help someone else through theirs….

Larry, Twanda, Sylvia, and I all arrive for my 3:15p appointment at 3pm.

The radiation treatment went fine and I also had my weekly appointment with Dr. Falkenberg. During her assessment she believes everything is going as planned.

I am experiencing a little tenderness and redness to the skins around my eye, and also more redness to the white of my eye.

She asked was I experiencing any other symptoms or side effects. I told her I didn’t think, but I told her that Larry thinks that I am a little moody, because he is has to be EXTRA agreeable. 😂 She looks at Larry and says that most women in their 40’s are moody. 😂 We all agreed!!!

5 down – 10 to go


  1. I am so touch by the “Spirit of the Lord” that is encamped around you. My grandmother taught me, God gives His toughest battles to His strongest soldiers. Thank you for sharing this journey.

  2. Kim,
    Continued Blessings on this most “spirit strengthing” journey. GOD is refining “us” through you for so much more. Thank you for being a testimony & sharing.❤️

  3. You’re amazing – and I love your sense of humor!! Tell Larry that “agreeable” is a requirement, and that there may be more soon!

  4. Keeping you lifted up in prayer! Thank you, for sharing your journey to help others. You are a blessing to so many people and a solider for Gods glory!!!

  5. Such a scary experience. Our eyes work so hard all the time. I know everything in our body does but we really NOTICE what our eyes do. Good for you – you are enabling people to understand what this journey is, we are all both scared for you and emboldened that, if this were to happen, we have a great example and someone who understands – in you.

  6. Your willingness to share your thoughts, your emotions, your personal story with so many shows what a beautiful heart you have. You are an inspiration. Continued prayers for you.

  7. Kim, I know you to be an ever-positive and optimistic person. Your greatest weapon is that positive attitude. I’ll be happy t share my supply if needed

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