Day 5 – Moody and Extra Agreeable

I have to admit that when I started this blog, I had some reservations about sharing my information or how much information to share.

I have heard from a lot of people thanking me for starting the blog and for sharing information.

I just hope that through my journey, it will help someone else through theirs….

Larry, Twanda, Sylvia, and I all arrive for my 3:15p appointment at 3pm.

The radiation treatment went fine and I also had my weekly appointment with Dr. Falkenberg. During her assessment she believes everything is going as planned.

I am experiencing a little tenderness and redness to the skins around my eye, and also more redness to the white of my eye.

She asked was I experiencing any other symptoms or side effects. I told her I didn’t think, but I told her that Larry thinks that I am a little moody, because he is has to be EXTRA agreeable. 😂 She looks at Larry and says that most women in their 40’s are moody. 😂 We all agreed!!!

5 down – 10 to go