Day 6 – Bell Ringing
I believe that people cross your path for a reason.

While you are waiting for your treatment you see a lot of people coming in and out of the center. It is usually the same people because your treatment time is the same each day. So you become comfortable talking with each other and sharing your stories.

One of the people we met is Ms. Charlotte. (Yes, I got her permission to share her name).  Today, Charlotte got a chance to ring the bell. This is a big deal because it meant that it was her final treatment. The first time I heard the bell ring and people cheering, I was confused because this is a place where treatments are taking place, what is there to cheer about.

But once you found out what the bell ringing means you want to cheer every time you hear it. So today we are cheering for Charlotte and for her strength and loving smile she shared with us.  

The radiation treatment today went as scheduled. I feel a little tired and have more redness around the white of my eye, but overall everything is good.

6 down – 9 to go