Day 8 – Fit To Fight 


During this journey, I am finding out about a lot of program/services offered to benefit cancer patients.  Thank you Terri for letting me know about the Fit To Fight program.


Fit To Fight is a partnership with Heart of the Valley YMCA, Clearview Cancer Institute and the Russel Hill Cancer Foundation.  The program is 12 weeks in duration.


In the past, people being treated for a chronic illness were often told by their doctor to rest and reduce their physical activity.

Newer research has shown that exercise is not only safe and possible during cancer treatment, but it can improve how well you function physically and your quality of life. Regular exercise may help you…

– Keep or improve your physical abilities

– Improve balance, lower risk of falls and broken bones

– Keep muscles from wasting due to inactivity

– Lower the risk of heart disease

– Improve blood flow to your legs and lower the risk of blood clots

– Make you less dependent on others for help with normal activities of daily living

– Improve your self-esteem & lower the risk of being anxious and depressed

– Lessen nausea

– Improve your ability to keep social contacts

– Lessen symptoms of tiredness (fatigue)

– Help you control your weight

– Improve your quality of life


I went for my initial assessment to start the program because I am starting to feel some fatigue from the treatment.



Day 8 of the Radiation 

The treatment went as normal, but I am having some reaction from the radiation.  Scheduling an appointment with the my Ophthalmologist to make sure it is normal and not some other issue.  


8 down – 7 to go