Family and Laughter ❤️😍

Family and Laughter make you realize what is important in life.

I am determined not to let this diagnosis stop me from living and enjoying life.

When I go back and read all the comments and encouragement from everyone, I am humbled and grateful by the number of people I have in my life that are willing to help and intercede in prayer for me. I just hope this blog will allow someone else to see that even in uncertain times you have to keep living. 😄

We spent the morning in Muscle Shoals for Wanda’s (my mother-in-law) annual Memorial Day family BBQ. Getting the chance to spend time with family member that we don’t get to see often.   I have to admit my little cousin – Ruby wore me out.   She is 15 months old and running, so it took all of us to keep up with her all afternoon. LOL

That evening several family members went to Stand Up Live to see Sinbad.   Sinbad put on a great show, even if he called me “Dark White”. We laughed so hard, we were crying.


  1. I love you Kim and throughout this last year of knowing you I have taken so much into my everyday life that I have learn from you. Sometimes just being a smiling face in a room is a lesson and I want you to know that you are a wonderful teacher!!!

  2. Kim, continue to live each day and each hour with the conviction that time is indeed a gift from God. So glad to hear that you had the chance to spend some quality time with family…and that you went to see Sinbad. (I went last night and don’t remember when or where I’ve had such hearty laughs!) God is more than able to handle this situation. He will never bring you TO anything that He cannot bring you THROUGH!

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