Finding My Way

August 9, 2017

Finding My Way

I was telling a friend about an experience I had a few months ago, and she told me that it touched her heart. So I thought I would share it with you.

I was traveling for business a few months ago and in a new place that I hadn’t been before. So I pull up my GPS to guide me to my hotel. This particular day, I arrived during rush hour and the traffic was horrible because it was raining. And to top it off, there was construction that had the road blocked. So I think I can just turn off the main road and take a side road and the GPS will reroute my path. Well that didn’t happen and I was lost. Not a little lost, but completely off track. So I start to get worried and a little scared. I'm one that normally doesn’t get worked up on stuff like this, but this evening I really let this upset me. I pulled over at a gas station and got directions to the hotel. Once I got in, I thanked the Lord for getting me there safely and I apologized for getting so upset over something that I didn’t have any control over.

The next morning I get a call telling me that the person I needed to meet with had a change in his schedule and if I wanted to meet I had to come now or I would miss the opportunity. So I of course moved out quickly so I won’t miss the chance. Then I remember the road block, and I start to get worked up again. Then I heard the Lord talking to me, telling me he has shown me the way through this once and he will show me again. And of course He did and I made my meeting.

Looking back in the situation, if I hadn’t gotten lost the night before I won’t have known how to get to the building as quickly, and I would have missed the chance for the meeting.

Lesson: Sometimes you have to be lost or a road block has to come in front of you to make you take a different path, but you have to trust that the Lord is guiding you through it all. And sometimes that new path will get you there a lot quicker.



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