I know I have a hard head – Lets just hope it doesn’t contain any metal.

I know I have a hard head – Lets just hope it doesn’t contain any metal.   

Today I had to have two different MRI’s done. MRI of the brain and MRI of orbital area.

If you have never had a MRI, the machine itself can be a little intimidating. I see why certain people have to be put to sleep to have the test.

The technician begin to explain what was going to happen.

She asked if I have any clothing on that has metal in it. And of course I start touching my clothes and remember I that I did have on a underwire bra, and had to quickly get out of it. Then she asked do you have any metal implants, or metal teeth feeling. And I start thinking I didn’t have any cavities and hadn’t had any implants, so I should be okay there.

Then she lays me back into this hard board, gives me ear plugs and covers your face with this plastic device. She told me that I had to be completely still, so once my face is in place she proceeds to put these stabilizing foam in place so you can’t move your head at all.

I let out a few breaths thinking that this is not going to be that bad. That I can handle this.


I can hear her setting up things around me to get ready for the test to begin, and I ask how long will this take. She looks at the forms again and says not too long… About 45 minutes for the first and 30 minutes for the next test. If you know me, I don’t do well with setting still and I’m not sleep. So of course my heart rate picks up.

I ask her to let Larry know that we would be here for awhile, because I was thinking it was going to be like yesterday and we would be in and out in 20 minutes. My mind is racing at this point.

She comes back into the room and says we are about to start, and my anxiety picks up again.

She walks out and I start hearing this loud humming noise and the the board starts moving. Now remember I have ear plugs in and this noise is still really loud. So much for me sleeping through this test. LOL

I close my eyes and start praying. My first prayer was Lord, please make sure I didn’t forget about any metal on me, and I hope my hard head doesn’t get me this time. Then I asked Him to be with me through this process because I was feeling very nervous. I continued to pray for my family because I know they are worried and concerned about everything. The more I prayed the more I begin to relax and had started tuning out the loud humming noise. After a while He had calmed my nerves enough that I was able to take a short nap.

I woke up when she came into the room to let me know they were about to begin the next test and she would have to give me a injections.

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