ProActive instead of ReActive but not RadioActive.

ProActive instead of ReActive but not RadioActive.

Larry and I get to Clearview around 8am, my appointment is not until 8:30am, but I always like to be early. We wait in the car until 8:15am because I know that Sylvia and Twanda will also be coming to the appointment with me. (I love my family support system). Just as soon as I sign in they call me back to start on my vital signs. I let the tech know that my sisters will be coming and to please let them know where I am.

I’m waiting in Room 7 again. The nurse comes in and let me know that they finally got the final pathology report back, but they were waiting on the MRI report. I let her know that I have a copy of the report. She has this look on her face like, how did you get a copy before the doctor.

She makes a copy and lets me know that Dr Bedoya will be here in a few minutes.

While we wait, because I’m sure he is reading the report he just got, we start talking about how I got the report. And I tell them that I just went by the office where I had the test run.

Dr. Bedoya comes in and starts explaining what the report means and what he suggest the treatment will look like. He tells me that it looks like the lymphoma cells are in the one area around my left eye and that we can do localized radiation and we don’t have to do chemo. (Thank you Lord)

He lets me know that he has already called the Radiation Oncologist (Dr Falkenberg) to see if she can see me soon to start the process. He says because it looks like you are in a rush to get this over with. He sees the puzzled look on my face and he goes on to explain that he got a call yesterday saying that a patient was at their office requesting/demanding a copy of her MRI report.

I had to explain to Dr Bedoya, that I believe in be ProActive in my healthcare and not reactive.

So he proceeds to tell me about the process and then has the his scheduler call Dr Falkenberg office to get me appointment later today or sometime this week. Well her office told me to come right over know. I think he told them I am not very patient. LOL

We get to Dr Falkenberg office around 10am, and they call me right back again before I could finish filling out the paper work. The assistant goes though the normal history and physical questions again, and then nurse comes in and starts talking about this face mask setting on the table.

This mask looks like something out of a Sci-Fi movie. She explains that they will need to make/mold a mask to my face. This will be used during the radiation treatment to pin point the exact location of the lymphoma and to make sure that they concentrate on the same spot each time. She goes on to tell me all that I should expect during the procedures.

Dr Falkenberg comes in and see all the people in the room and starts laughing because I’m sure most people don’t bring a group to these meetings. LOL
She then explains in more detail about the radiation treatment process and what I will experience. The treatment should be 15 consecutive days of treatment, but only 10 minutes treatments each time.

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