Still Healing

June 27, 2017

Still Healing

I’m sure most of you have experienced some type of burn. Whether it was a sun burn, a burn from an iron or the stove. It hurts!!! The skin is very red and irritated. It becomes dry and starts to peel off.

Well I can honestly say that radiation can burn your skin and completely change the texture.

The skin around your eyes is normally very sensitive. Imagine that skin being burned.

So of course I start looking for some type of cream to soothe the burning and to help with the healing.

Mistake number one – Burn Cream – Don’t put certain creams on the skin near your eye. I know what you are thinking. (DUH). Well I thought it was a good idea at the time. LOL. Needless to say, when that cream gets in your eye. It’s a whole new type of burning feeling.

Mistake number two – Makeup – I have to admit I don’t like walking around with a “Black eye”, so I decided to put on makeup. Monday morning started off good, I though that maybe the makeup wouldn’t irritate the area. Wrong – about lunch time I had to remove all the makeup because it was burning so bad. It wasn’t the makeup, I just think that I had irritated the skin so much by putting it on in the first place.

I have to thank my sister for doing some research to find some natural items that I can put on my face, but also won’t irritate or burn my eyes.

She made me a natural face moisturizer and it has really helped with the swelling and redness.

These are the Ingredients she used for the face moisturizer:

Aloe Vera Gel
Apricot Kernel Oil
Rosehip Oil
Vitamin E-Oil
Sweet Almond Oil
Lemon Oil (or whichever essential oil fragrance)

This moisturizer has helped so much. Whenever my skins started to sting, or peel, I apply a little bit of this on my face and it instantly soothes the area.

The healing process is just going to take time and I have to learn to be patient.






  1. Hang in there! It will get better. I thought I would be permanently scarred but it went away and I couldn’t tell I had ever been burned by radiation. So proud and happy that you are in the healing phase. Love you

  2. So glad to see your sister found the aloe Vera. It’s #1 in our family for any kind of burn, bug bite, or skin irritation. Here’s to healing great Kim!!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing

  3. Kim you are a Soldier. you’re strong, determined, motivated and you have never allowed anything to stop you from accomplishing your mission.
    So stay battle ready and when you get tired just lean on God’s Shoulder to rest, then get back to the work at hand.
    I am saying this to you from a place of respect and love.

  4. Praying for your continued healing. I had 36 radiation treatment when I had a breast cancer and it is no joke. It’s so funny when you have first few treatments, you think, ‘hey, this not too bad”. Then as it progresses, your skin becomes irritated, burned and peeling, you start to think “wait a minute, I didn’t sign up for all of this”. Lol. You are a trooper and it will get better!! Be blessed!

  5. Kim, you are such a great example of strength. I’m so glad your sister was able to create a moisturizer that works well for you; I may even try it myself. Keep the faith, things will get better. Continued prayers of strength for you!

  6. I just love your transparency. You are brave and the Lord is using you so mightily right now. I have been praying for you through this journey and I will continue to pray for not only your healing, but for understanding and strength. Godbless you <3

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